Why are you not making any sales online? Here is the number 1 reason why!

Why do we have to sell our products and services?

Why don’t they just sell themselves?

Well, that’s what I’m going to cover in this blog, so obstruct learning.

No matter what you do. You’ve got to sell other people on it, whether you’re trying to help people get in shape or you develop some of the world’s best application produces, or if you’re working for a company you’re trying to get promoted.


You’ve got to sell your customers on it.

Here are a couple of reasons?

First, people rarely believe that what you do is as awesome as you believe it is It’s true for me and it’s true for you.

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Let’s get real.

This idea that you believe your stuff is better than other people think it is, is actually backed up by psychological research in one of Dan Ariely’s journals.

He writes about college students building origami Horrible Hoorah.

Yet when he asked those students how much they are able to sell that origami for, they price their work much higher than anyone would be willing to pay for it.


Because they appreciated their work more than other people did.

That’s just sure there are some people out there who hang on to our every word and buy whatever it is we sell, but that was not the case when we promoted our first digital market services.

Some parties bought it without even looking at the sales page because they already knew and trusted us.

But not many people did that.

The majority of our sales came from people who didn’t find what we did nearly as awesome as we did, so we had to sell them on it, making this back to you, I’m sure you take pride in your work.

I’m sure you think it’s so awesome that it speaks for itself.

You think, you should be able to just say, buy my products or services, and parties will listen and think I intend to that, but it doesn’t work like that.

Some people might listen and buy your product or service without hesitation, but most people won’t.

You have to sell them on it.

Second: parties tend to believe that what you have might work for other people, but it won’t work for them.


So someone struggling to lose weight comes across your personal training website as an example, and they think there’s no way that this can work for me or someone who thinks they could ever cause it to work.

They think that their life is different from everybody else.

They think their problems are distinct.

They think their place is unique and while that may be the case, most people use this sort of thinking, as I can condone, and the only way to bust through that excuse is to sell them on your solution.

But first, forget about the idea that your product and services will sell themselves because they won’t you’ve got to do the selling, you’ve got to do the marketing.

Think about it when apple promotes a new iPhone.

Do they just say: hey brand-new iPhone.

Not really!

They actually move on to product demonstration, where they prove to you how amazing their new product is and all their new product features.

In our sales pitch. We ever talk about how it applies to companies or corporate works or Freelances or editors or writers.

We do this continuously to mitigate the thought that you might think your situation is different, and you might believe our mixture won’t work for you.

You have to do the same thing!

You need to work on serve specific illustrations, so it’s impossible for your customers to believe that their place is different and to be convinced that your answer won’t help them.

Third: you to stop worrying about being so extremely serious.

A client of ours launched a book recently and he sent out just one email to his list. 

That’s it, one email, the gentleman spends a ton of time writing a book and he was only planning on communicating one email.

Look when you’re selling your thoughts, product, brand, and services, you should make what I call the poker approach.


Here’s how it works: the world’s best poker stars don’t play that numerous paws of poker.

They play very few entrusts.

Actually sometimes as little as one paw per hour.

However, the hands they do play, they frisk aggressively pushing tooth and nail for each chip in that pot.

Now notice how we sell on Social Triggers

We don’t pitch our services that often, but when we do we slope hard, you should do the same exact thing focus on creating value first and foremost, and every once in a while.

When you want to sell what you do or what you initiated, you should sell it hard and then give your customers a break by resorting back to the usual pace.

The good content that they’ve become accustomed to now.

Here’s a quick recap: You quality your work more than your prospects.

Do your prospects always assume that their status are unique and your solutions won’t work for them?

How do you overcome these problems?

You must realize that creating a good product or service is the cost of entry and to succeed you’ve got to sell it.

You must provide examples that reveal your potentials that what you do applies to them.

You need to eliminate that I’m scared to be a pushy monster.

As well, the solution is, don’t be pushy.

Find a middle way

All the time be obnoxious at the right time.

Keep this in mind, whether you’re, trying to help get parties in shape, develop some of the best software beeps.

I hope you found this article useful and share this with your friends and partners.

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