What is Domain plus Page Authority and how important is it for your SEO?

Today we will talk about Domain and Page Authority and how important it is.

You may or may not have heard these metrics thrown around in the context of SEO, and you may be aware that they could potentially have an effect on your SEO success.

So what we are going to do is to look at each one of these things, in turn, domain authority and page authority.

The most important thing is that you should care and why it matters in relation to SEO.


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So let’s start with domain authority, and the best way to understand domain authority is that it is a score given to your website by search engines, and what that score means is how valuable your website is compared to other websites on the internet.

The best way to understand domain authority in terms of a very useful metaphor is to imagine, is we’ll use real estate properties, so imagine property value.

The domain authority is google’s understanding of your overall website’s significance.

Compare that to a house’s overall quality significance, page authority, on the other hand, imagine that it is a score given to different rooms within the house.

So a page with authority is the authority rating given to your individual page comparatively to the overall website?

So, usually, you won’t have a page authority that is higher than the overall domain authority, but you will have different levels of authority across your different pages, so pages that are more optimized have more links pointing towards them internally and attaches inbound from other websites that these are all factors that come into play when it comes to page authority and that’s how your page power are relevant to your domain authority and the difference between them

What do you use to measure domain authority and page authority?

There’s a lot of useful tools out there that you can use.

Moz, that’s a popular one, but certainly, any SEO implement on the market.

Traditionally, nowadays will come with a domain and page authority with the functionality

Why do these things matter?

How can we link these metrics to SEO success?

Let’s start with page authority.

The page authority matters because it relates to the success of the individual page.

So your home page will traditionally have the most authority on your website but comparatively to your other landing pages.

But the reason why it matters for your help is that affects the performance of that individual page in the search results.

So if you want to grow your page authority for a particular page, you have to grow the number of links pointing to that page from other pages on your website, you will want to be increasing the links drawn attention to that page from external subjects, and you will want to make sure that that page is optimized with the correct content.

The right h2 structure, the accurate keywords for to be an authoritative segment of content on that topic area, whatever special topics of the ground page is or blog post because they function essentially the same when it comes to page authority domain authority.

Another important is that you really have to get strategic with your SEO because you will improve the domain authority by working on different sections of the website overall to contribute to the whole.

You might work on one of these landing pages and you want to boost that page’s authority, and at the same time, you are working on another landing page to boost that landing page’s authority as well.

So you need to focus on different segments on your website.

You boost the overall domain authority as a whole and what are the benefits of having a strong domain authority?

The benefit of having a strong domain authority is that it improves the likelihood that you will rank in search for much more competitive keywords.

Because when the search engines have to determine which website is more authoritative information sources and all the most credible source, it will look at domain authority as one of the key ranking ingredients.

Is this a website that is authoritative enough for users to get a valuable experience for this search?

So in general, if you’ve got a solid SEO program that takes account of this and working on pages, strategically, that’s going to improve the page authority of whatever you’re working on plus the domain authority of the site as a whole.

If you have a strong domain authority and the benefits of that in terms of SEO then you can compete at a higher level for more competitive high traffic keywords and the lower competition and newer pages you have then you have to put in a little more work into the ranking.

It’s a little bit easier to compete for those, and so you kind of get the double edge, the advantages of doing this are that if you’re doing your SEO properly, you won’t need to have a strategy to go after high domain authority or to go after high page authority.

It will come naturally as you optimize your content and, as you work on your link building strategy back to get links back to that content.

As you will sculpt the authorities concerned of the website internally by adding the accurate internal links if you have technological SEO in order, this will all come.

You won’t actually have to sit there and worry about if you have a good strategy to go after domain authority or page authority.

It will just come naturally if you’ve got a solid SEO program.

You know that you’ll need to put into a certain amount of time and effort to help with predicting, rather than the objective itself being to increase the domain authority.

A lot of website owners get can get hung up about their domain and page authority compared to competitors.

Don’t be concerned about that?

Don’t waste your time looking at competitors. Focus on your own website.

Working on your own SEO will become a natural thing and you will see positive changes in your Domain and Page authority.





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