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We have a network of over 400 news websites that we post news articles on daily. Here are just some news sites we post on that together receive over 700 million visitors per month according to similarweb.com


Monthly Visitors
95 | Domain Authority

Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News


Monthly Visitors
90 | Domain Authority

Ask.com is a question and answer based search engine that was started a couple years before Google. While it has a much smaller amount of people using it for web searches now, it still has a popular news section.


Monthly Visitors
89 | Domain Authority

Azcentral is run by USA Today and the offical site of the daily newspaper The Arizona Republic which is currently the largest newpaper in Arizona with a circulation of 130,000. Their twitter @azcentral has around 400k followers.


Monthly Visitors
86 | Domain Authority

The Daily Herald is one of the largest newspapers in Chicago and attracts over 2.6 million monthly visitors to its website. It’s one of the top 25 newspaper audience gainers according to a study by the Alliance for Audited Media.


Monthly Visitors
76 | Domain Authority

An official affilaite of NBC the 21 WFMJ is a virtual channel for Ohio. It was originally an affiliate of Warner Borhers before joining NBC in 2019. It airs popular shows including Dr Phil, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Judge Judy.


Monthly Visitors
66 | Domain Authority

The WBOC TV station is an affiliate of CBS and a member of the Associated Press with over 500k viewers and 3 locations. It covers news in 10 counties split between Maryland and Delaware, and also accept our online posts.

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Here are more news sites we have access to publish on. This list is continually changing and the news sites we publish your article on may differ.


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The stats shown here were taken on December 20th 2020



We can’t warrant that you will get a specific amount of visitors to your website, but normally our clients receive a couple hundred in the first few days of the posts going live. We can post on the main national websites of NBC, CBC, and FOX but  those are reserved for our Premium Plus clients.  If you are interested to find out about that plan then please contact us. We can post on all websites listed above plus several hundred more high authority news websites.