Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Guide – Get a Blog Started Quickly

If you are an entrepreneur with a website, you know that a new level of marketing tools is required to maintain and develop a steady stream of traffic.

You may be turning away more than ever before, the usual reasons being ‘noisy neighborhood’ competition and ‘my site is down’ excuses.

Technology is now a vital piece of the puzzle, a piece that most new entrepreneurs miss, and the impact of this has been dramatic.

The power of automation

Automation is simply the use of technology to eliminate time-consuming tasks and free the entrepreneur to concentrate on more important marketing activities.

You can automate things that take hours and days, such as the creation of your landing pages, content production, or graphic design.

The internet is brimming with free tools, and they are so many that we can never do it all.

Automation is the new tool of the trade, and every business owner should embrace it.

The internet is filled with tools that, when used, free us of much of the work associated with marketing.

An example would be Google Ad Words, which allows us to target our visitors simply by their keyword search.

For you entrepreneurs out there that think ‘what social media, consider Twitter or Facebook, these are platforms in which you allow your visitors to join you in a dialogue, in which you post information on important matters, and in which you allow visitors to tell you what they think of your offerings.

In doing so, you obtain feedback, and by all means, listen to it.

If you have not already done so, you need to develop your business around the idea that your visitors should tell you what they think.

This is the ultimate in consumer feedback and is critical to success.

If you have not already got a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, start today.

They are free, they are simple to set up, and you can allow your visitors to post their messages like yours.

Now that you have freed yourself of much of the work associated with building your business, and you are free to spread the word about your business and your offerings, go out and spread the word.

Write an email newsletter, establish a blog, start posting to Facebook, and sites such as EzineArticles.

This is the internet version of the old newspaper ads that told you where your competitor was selling.

In the information age, these sites let you share information with the world, and the traffic from these sites is yours to keep.

The traffic from these sites is your audience, and the traffic that you allow to leave your site is your income.

The traffic that leaves your site is your cash.

If you have been putting off learning the skill of blogging, take it one step at a time.

If you are planning to open a blog, learn the skill of blogging, then open an account with the search engine that allows you to post on the site, or with a premium feature that allows you to charge a fee, ezine articles are one good search engine.

Many free sites provide tutorials or links to help you learn the skill of blogging.

They often provide all the tools necessary to get you started, and they often provide free advertising on your blog to drive traffic to you and your site.

One thing that they often do not provide is a way to keep the traffic that leaves your site.

Many bloggers that open a blog try to do it all themselves.

This often results in big losses to the closing entrepreneur.

If you plan to open a blog, and you are not planning to buy an article site, consider buying an article site.

This can provide a relatively inexpensive way to open a blog, and it can also provide an inexpensive means of getting a blog up and running.

One of the advantages of opening a blog is that you are able to get a lot of traffic without spending a lot of money.

If you have already learned the skill of blogging, and you are not planning to buy an article site, take advantage of the traffic that these sites can provide you.

The traffic that these sites can provide you may even equal or exceed the traffic that some paid advertising sources can provide.

Many blogs are able to provide you with a traffic base of a few hundred thousand and provide you with an article base of many thousands.

The best way to go about this is to consider the skill of blogging as one of your business assets.

Consider it as an investment that you intend to keep long term, and you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts.

Consider your blog a business asset.

Don’t let it become a liability.

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