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Pricing & Campaigns

Pay once to get featured  in up to 400+ news sites and get your “as seen on” medallion to use permanently

⭐️ Pioneer

You write your own article  and we’ll publish it on minimum 400 news websites.

$ 395

one time payment

🔥 Pro

We write your article and publish it for you on minimum 400 news websites.

$ 595

one time payment

🚀 Premium

Unlimited revisions for your article, + publishing on over 400 high authority news websites.

$ 995

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100% Money back guarantee

Your article is guaranteed to be published on our huge network of high authority news sites, including affiliates of FOX, USA Today, CBS and NBC.

If for any reason you don’t get published to the news sites mentioned above, just contact us and you will receive an immediate refund.

Frequently asked questions

If there’s something we have not covered just ask us.

SekAi have an strong established relationship with large network of news companies who publish our articles. We established these connections though a long term high volume orders.

By ordering from us you get the benefit of our existing connections and great prices.

We only need 4 things to start writing your article:

  • Your company profile
  • Subject for the article
  • Link to your website
  • Business contact details

You provide us with pictures, videos, and other related information for each campaign.

Additionally, you can also provide us with 1 to 2 quotes that about your business to be included.

Of course, once our copy writers have completed your article we’ll email it to you for review and approval. The pro plan gets 2 rounds of revisions, and the premium plan gets unlimited revisions.

There is a limitation of  what news sites publish we can not accept topics or businesses about:

  1. Violence
  2. Adult Content
  3. Illegal Substance Promotion
  4. Political Content
  5. Misrepresentation of individuals or businesses
  6. Illegal activities or infringes on the legal rights of others
  7. Intellectual property abuse
  8. Endangered or threatened species
  9. Dangerous or derogatory content
  10. Enabling dishonest behavior
  11. Malicious or unwanted software
  12. Child sexual abuse and exploitation

Your article should be a general announcement of your business, talking about your features and benefits.

You can write your own article. 
It can be a newsworthy topic, for example a new service, product, event  or expansion of your business.

It takes 3-5 days if you send us your own article to publish.

It takes 7-10 days depending on the length of the article if you want us to write and publish your article. This does not include time for revisions if they are needed.

For major news sites such as NBC and FOX you will only be published to the main website (eg if you buy our Super Premium plan which is not listed in the price plan above. 

Contact us for pricing for the Super Premium plan.

You will however be published to local affiliates including FOX 40 and FOX 34 which are the official sites for the local TV stations. As well as other larger news sites that collectively get over 700 million visitors per month.

See the news sites we publish on >

We publish to over 400 high authority news websites including affiliates of FOX, CBS USAToday and NBC. 

See the news sites we publish on >

– Your article needs to be atleast 1000 words for best result.
– Your article can only have 3 links per article.
– The headline must include keywords you want to target.
– The article cannot be written like a sales letter, it has to be neutral and informational. 
– The article must be about a specific topic, not general.
– Do not use bullet point lists or fragmented text because some news sites will not accept them.
– Do not include your contact details in the article because we will attach that separately.
– The article must be in English.

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